Dental Anxiety

Our Practice is experienced in treating patients who have dental anxiety and will always take the time to talk to people about their concerns. We do ask that patients let us know about any concerns, phobias or anxieties they may have about visiting the dentist so we can take the appropriate action to ensure every appointment is as comfortable as possible. There are various techniques we can use to help patients manage anxiety, depending on their reason for experiencing these feelings.

Some patients dislike not being in control, in which case a simple signal such raising the hand to stop treatment at any time can help tremendously.

We have helped many patients to overcome their anxieties and fears about dental treatment, and we aim to make sure very visit is a positive experience. Once good dental health is achieved, it is often quite easy to maintain with on-going dental examinations and hygiene appointments, and there is far less likelihood of requiring extensive dental treatments in the future.

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